Adult & Child Swimming Lessons

This is our entry level programme offering swimming lessons designed for children aged 0 – 4 years which requires adult support for your child in the water. They are aimed at children who are old enough to follow instructions and can move on their own. The ratio for support is one adult to one child unless by prior agreement.

These sessions provide an opportunity for children to develop water confidence through structured fun, games and activities and are a perfect start on a child’s swimming pathway.These lessons are designed to help toddlers enjoy learning to swim with help from their parents or guardians. The swimming teacher will be in the water leading the lesson. Children have the opportunity to begin working their way through the Swim England Duckling Awards Scheme.

To learn more about the Swim England Duckling Awards Scheme, click here.

Lesson Venues
Duckling Awards Outcomes
Preparing for Swimming Lessons at home

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Overview of Stages

In Duckling 1, your child will develop basic movement skills, water confidence and safety awareness. Children in this stage will be able to use aids e.g. arm bands and floats, along with adult support to help complete this stage.

Children in Duckling 2 will continue to develop movement skills, water confidence and safety awareness. Children will further develop their ability to travel through the water. Adult support is reduced during this stage.

During Duckling 3, your child will now begin to work more independently. Children will be able to jump into the water with or without adult support and travel 5m without adult support.

This is the final award in the Duckling series. Children will now be jumping in, going underwater, floating and swimming five metres without support.