My whole life revolves around swimming, it always has and I believe it always will, and I wouldn’t change that for the world! It began when I was 5 years old and I now train and compete for New Earswick Swimming Club.

I started teaching when I was 14 for my club’s learn to swim scheme. I love watching and encouraging children’s love of swimming to grow and their skills in the water advance just as mine did 10 years ago. I also work with other swim schools, in York.

I am looking to go to university to follow a career in health care.

I have always believed that every child should be able to confidently swim, especially living in York, and knowing how much swimming has done for me, I think that every child should be able to have the opportunity to experience what swimming can do. When a child is first starting out as a swimmer, I think that they need to concentrate on perfecting their stroke and confidence in the water because as they get older and stronger they will find it a lot easier to start increasing their speed and distances.