Ever since I was a young boy, my life has revolved around swimming! I was never interested in football or rugby, but, because swimming is mainly an individual sport with some team aspects, I was able to access both sporting elements.

I began my journey when I was 4 and I have continued to this very day, having reached a competitive level, which involves competing for my local club (New Earswick Swimming Club).

Because of my love for swimming I wanted to share my passion. This is the reason why I started to volunteer at my local swimming club, New Earswick, and then went on to volunteer for other swim schools.

Currently, I study at All Saints RC School, in York, and I am keen to pursue a career in Mathematics and Computer Science. As well as this I am hoping to study these subjects at University and, as a result, achieve a degree in both of them.

I believe having the ability and confidence in water is a key life skill and every child should be given the opportunity to learn aquatic skills whilst having fun. I would advise a swimmer to develop and perfect their basic skills in the water and then, when they feel more confident in an aquatic environment, improve their stamina to allow them to achieve distance as well as speed.